Category: About Halon

  • In FAA Advisory Circular 20-42C dated 3/7/84 titled “Hand Held Extinguishers for Use in Aircraft”, it states:
    “Disposable type fire extinguishers should be maintained and inspected in accordance with the nameplate instructions”.
  • The nameplate instructions for the RT A1200 are:
    “Inspect monthly or more frequently. Ensure nozzle is not obstructed and safety seal is intact. To be installed, inspected and maintained in accordance with NFPA no. 10. Return to manufacturer… if gross weight is below 1420 grams” (2½ lb. f/e gross weight).
  • NFPA no.10 states in Chapter 4 “Inspection, Maintenance, and Recharging” the following:
    “Inspection is a “quick check” that an extinguisher is available and will operate. It is intended to give reasonable assurance that the extinguisher is fully charged and operable. This is done by seeing that it is in its designated place, that it has not been actuated (discharged) or tampered with, and that there is no obvious physical damage or condition to prevent operation… Determine fullness by weighing or “hefting.”
  • “Extinguishers shall be subjected to maintenance not more than one year apart … During annual maintenance…, such extinguisher shall be thoroughly examined externally in accordance with the applicable items of 4-4.2(a) mechanical parts.”
  • Regarding RECHARGING, the 1211-1301 HALON requires no recharging.