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April, 2015


Please take time to read our comments relating to the Service Bulletin published and distributed by H3R Aviation, former distributors of Protection R.T.’s aviation type fire extinguishers. 

Much of the information written in that Service Bulletin does not properly reflect our product and it is our opinion that this Service Bulletin is one-sided, inaccurate and discrediting! They have admitted that the manufacturer (PRT) has neither endorsed nor co-authored the contents of their service bulletin. 

As pioneers and manufacturers of these products since 1985, we are fully listed and accredited by UL & ULC, our remarks which have already been expressed to H3R, are as follows:

1.     Firstly, we have informed H3R, that they are neither a Manufacturer nor a Service Center, and therefore it was not within their authority to issue such a Service Bulletin. They were a distributor for some of our products. 

2.     In their opening paragraph, they state that models manufactured  in 2012 &2013 “appear” to fall below the “requisite” minimum weight and that our post 2013 production “may also experience” premature leakage, although current data does not indicate any issues! This was based on their documents which we have proven through proper investigation to be incorrect! In reality, their admission to us was that the data was limited to only their returns, and not to our total production.

3.     Our data on H3R returns indicate that the low weight issue of all models manufactured from 2012 to 2014 have far less numbers than they have indicated in the service bulletin. As an example, for Model RT-A1200, their 2012 & 2013 low weight data shows an average of 0.35% while our data is factual at 0.087%. Our figures on other models are similarly much lower. It has always been and remains our policy that all returns must be sent to our laboratory for examination & investigation, so that our numbers were based on H3R’s documents sent with their returns to us and therefore cannot be contested!

4.     When looking at our other distributors, we are very proud to report that there have been extremely low returns from all of them, which are well documented and attested by them. 

5.     Our company has produced hundreds of thousands of our RT-A Model extinguishers over 30 years and have never had any liability or mishap claims because of leakage or other reasons.  Again, we are very proud to report that our fire extinguishers are the most reliable of all types of extinguishers, with minimum maintenance, and are operable even when having lost a portion of their contents, which other gauge type units cannot claim. This is because they always maintain their pressure, even when repeatedly used, thus not requiring a gauge.

6.     For  HR3 to make the suggestion that clients & distributors should check the weight of each unit “before every flight” is totally ridiculous, disparaging and discrediting to PRT! This as totally uncalled for and not necessary, especially when considering that most small aircraft take off several times a day. The NFPA only requires them to be checked monthly or more often. If we, the manufacturer thought it would be a serious problem, we would have alerted all our distributors.

7.     H3R should never have taken the liberty of issuing instructions to affix the label “weigh this unit before each flight” to their sold units. They should be aware that they are not in a position to regulate above the NFPA code.

8.     Finally, we say with professional pride that our company continues to manufacture these high quality products (despite H3R advertising that these units are discontinued) that remain available to all clients and distributors directly from Protection R.T.Inc. at substantially reduced rates.

9.  We invite you to please feel free to either call or e-mail us for more information.

George Ferris


Protection R.T.Inc.