Category: About Halon

These excerpts relating to 1211-1301 Halon are taken from the above mentioned AC which “provides methods acceptable to the Administrator for showing compliance with the hand fire extinguisher provisions in Parts 25, 29, 91, 121, 125, 127, and 135 of the FAR.”

“For occupied spaces on aircraft, Halon 1211 extinguishers should not be less than 2½ pounds capacity. These extinguishers should have a minimum 5 B:C rating; not less than 8 seconds effective discharge time; not less than a 10 foot range…”

“For occupied spaces on aircraft, Halon 1301 extinguishers should have a minimum 2B:C rating, and should have an effective discharge time of not less than 8 seconds.”

“Halon fire extinguishing agents approved for use include … a combination of the two (Halon 1211-1301).”

“Halon 1211 is a multipurpose, Class A, B, C rated agent effective against flammable liquid fires. Halon 1301 offers limited Class A capability when used in portable fire extinguishers.”

“In accordance with Section 21.305(d) of the FAR, the FAA accepts hand held extinguishers approved by Underwriters Laboratories…”. Also, in accordance with Section 25.851 (601(b1) “An approved type fire extinguisher includes those approved by the Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual, Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada…”

“Non-refillable disposable fire extinguishers (1211-1301) are exempt from the periodic hydrostatic test requirements.”