Halotron BrX (2-BTP)

In out quest for more environmentally friendly products, Protection R.T. has developed a new line of U.L. listed fire extinguishers containing Halotron BrX (2-BTP) agent. These are models M-900 and M-1700 having fire ratings of 2BC & 5BC respectively. These are lightweight units made entirely of aluminum including the bracket.

Aside from the well-known essential uses” of aviation & military, Halotron BrX has been cleared by The US EPA to be used for the following” on-residential” applications: –

  • Marine (boats, ships, engine compartments, control rooms)
  • Commercial (Clean rooms, power plants, heavy mechanical equioment, laboratories, process control rooms, transmission facilities, telecommunications facilities, utility faults)
  • Transportation (automobiles, railroad machinery) too including racing cars. This is an ideal application.
  • Military (computer and control rooms, training facilities)
  • Cultural or historical assets. This includes art galleries.
  • Other industrial applications where electronics and precision machinery are being protected.
  • Hospitals, but only in areas where it is unlikely to be in direct contact with patients.
  • Pleasure boats where the unit is installed in unconfined areas.

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