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Protection R.T. Inc (PRT ) is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of Fire Protection Equipment and is an extension of Incendex Inc . who developed the first Canadian liquefied gas blend fire extinguishers in the mid eighties and whose name has been retained for use on many of PRT’s products. Portable fire extinguishers have always been considered as a first line in fighting home and commercial fires, which PRT has specialized in and has been the commercial success of the company over the past 24 years. The Company has been a leader in the development of new, innovative fire protection equipment which is reflective of its product line.

PRT specializes in the manufacture and sales of liquefied gas portable extinguishers for the Aviation Industry and Military . PRT produces a wide range of these type of units, ranging from the smallest 400g (0.88 lb) portable to the 10Kg (22 lb) unit with ten others in between. The company also manufactures the standard range of ABC and BC type dry chemical portables.

PRT also produces a large range of Automatic liquefied gas systems, with applications for chemical storage rooms, electrical equipment, all types of vehicles-including racing cars, motor homes, buses, boats and generally anywhere where protection is required in a relatively closed space and where no residue is tolerated.

PRT has recently developed a new line of high expansion Foam portables suitable for class A and B fires. These units (1lb to 5lb) have outstanding fire fighting characteristics while being non hazardous and environmentally safe. They are formulated to be alcohol resistant; meaning that they can be used on polar type solvents fires such as alcohols, acetone, and gasoline containing MTBE.

PRT’s quality control and inspection procedures (as per their QC Manual) have been established to assure that the company’s fire protection products meet such stringent requirements as demanded by the Civil Aviation Airworthiness (CAA) as set forth in their Engineering and Inspection Manual.

PRT is continuing research on various liquefied gas chemicals which are environmentally acceptable and cost effective. In this vein, PRT has recently developed and UL listed two Halon replacement units containing agent BrX which is the best replacement agent as far as efficacy and environmental issues are concerned. PRT is therefore very well positioned for the change whenever Halon is phased out.